Upcoming Events

Upcoming events and dates for the diary

Year 7 Welcome Parents Evening 19.00-21.00 Main School
Ripley Harvest Service 7pm Chapel, Ripley St Thomas

Ripleyโ€™s Harvest Challenge/Invitation 2021:

Our Harvest Service will be on Tuesday 5 October, 7pm โ€“ all welcome!

1) If you are able, please can you bring item(s) for donation from us as a school to give to the Olive Branch this Harvest?

2) Collect these items in your form rooms (get boxes from Chaplaincy)

3) You have until Friday 1st October to bring items to your forms (which is soon!)

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Year 11 Parents Evening 17.00 Online
Year 7 Concert 1 19.00-21.00 Main School