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This section provides downloads for guidance and important information as issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications.

Our EXAMINATIONS 2020-21 GUIDANCE FOR STUDENTS & PARENTS  is currently being updated as information changes regularly with the current COVID-19 situation. It will be added here shortly.

Scroll through the related documents below and read additional JCQ Information for Candidates documentation which supplements 2020-21 exam guidance.

Exam Information 

On 12th October 2020, the Department for Education (DfE) has announced GCSE, AS and A-level exams will go ahead next summer. Most exams will take place three weeks later than usual.

The summer exam series will start on 7 June 2021 and end on 2 July 2021 for almost all A-levels and GCSEs.

Department of Education – please read more below

However, one GCSE English and one GCSE Maths paper will be scheduled before the summer half-term, to give students affected by COVID-19 the best chance of being able to sit at least one paper in these two qualifications.

Some exams for AS and A-level qualifications, which typically have low entry numbers, will be scheduled before the half-term break too. Further details and timetables have not been released as yet.

Results days 2021

A Level     Tuesday 24 August

GCSE         Friday 27 August

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