Using Firefly

A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a computer-based system that allows teachers and pupils to share files, work and ideas online.

At Ripley St Thomas our VLE is supported by Firefly and we believe the platform offers a rich and diverse learning environment which supports pupils on their personal learning journey in school and at home.

Firefly offers teachers the opportunity to share a wide range of electronic resources with their groups, both to help pupils prepare for upcoming lessons, “flip learning” and to help them consolidate learning in the form of home learning tasks, independent study and exam preparation. These resources include teacher designed material, online textbooks, past papers and videos. It also allows pupils to upload digital assignments including video and audio files, creative projects and documents for assessment by their teacher and where relevant, their peers.

Teachers of differing classes can also pool resources and share best practice and pupils can access materials directly in the event of absence. Specifically designed forums allow teacher and pupil to interact individually or in groups in a controlled environment, sharing ideas and questions remotely outside of the school day.

Firefly promotes independent study and utilises all the benefits of modern technologies to engage pupils in learning outside of the traditional classroom context.

Each pupil is issued a unique password which gives them access to specific areas of Firefly relevant to their age and stage. Each department in school has an area for the sharing of learning materials and content.

Please see below a list of resources to help support the use of Firefly at home:

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You can log on to Firefly through the top menu strip on PC or top left drop down menu in mobile view. Alternatively click the link below.