Pupils playing rugby
Sixth Form


Our unique enrichment programme  gives sixth form students the opportunity to engage with an extensive range of activities.

Our successful careers academies offer students an exciting introduction to a range of career paths. The Aspiring Teachers programme combines academic research, professional development seminar sessions and voluntary teaching placements in schools to give students an excellent understanding of what makes an effective teacher.

The Aspiring Healthcare Professionals pathway is a comprehensive programme for students looking for a career in a range of healthcare settings. Students discuss topics such as medical ethics and patient care, and gain essential skills in academic and action research supported by healthcare professionals. Our Aspiring Engineers programme is based around a dynamic group task which allows students to research and design an innovative engineering solution to a proposed problem.

Many of our students use some of their enrichment time to work with younger pupils in main school through classroom support, developing a range of transferable key skills.

Each year, students and staff add new activities to the enrichment programme. Current opportunities include: