Appeals – September 2021 Intake

Where the governors are unable to offer a place because the school is over subscribed parents have the right to appeal to an independent admission appeal panel set up under the School Standards and Framework Act, 1998, as amended by the Education Act, 2002. Parents will have the opportunity to submit their case to the panel in writing and also to attend in order to present their case. Parents/guardians should request an appeal form from the clerk to the governors at the school, or download the form at the bottom of this page, within 20 school days of receiving the letter refusing a place.

The appeals for Ripley St. Thomas Academy’s Year 7 intake in September 2021 are due to be held during the period 4 to  7 May 2021.    In order for all papers to be properly processed, and to meet statutory requirements,  a completed appeal form for each child and any additional papers you may wish to include will need to be received here at school by Friday 26 March 2021.

Appeals which are received after the deadline will be slotted into the schedule where this is possible. There is no guarantee that this will happen and late appeals may be heard after the stipulated date at a second round of hearings. The schedule is subject to change depending upon the availability of appeal panel members, clerks, venues and the number of appeals for each school (which will vary year on year).

As you are more than aware the coronavirus has impacted and affected all of our daily lives, routines and normal business in every aspect.

The Department for Education has confirmed that appeals will not be conducted in the usual way, with face to face hearings.  Please see the information in the document below (Format of Appeals and Consent form).

It is really important that your appeal case includes all the information you wish to be considered by the independent appeal panel. It will not be possible to introduce new information during the appeal hearing as panel members will not be able to give this the appropriate consideration.

Waiting List – September 2021 Intake

In accordance with our Admissions Policy pupils are placed on the waiting list according to what extent they meet our published criteria. If you have not previously submitted a Supplementary Form you are advised to download one and return it with your appeal form. If you are unable to complete the Supplementary Form your position on the waiting list will be after all those who are able to, and will be based purely on the distance from home to school.

In the event of a place becoming available before the Appeals are due to be heard the school will look at the waiting list and all the information supplied to support applications/appeals and re-allocate that place accordingly.

The waiting list for places in Year 7 is maintained by the Local Authority until 31 December of the year of intake.  If you wish to keep your child’s name on the waiting list after that date you will need to contact the school in January.

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