Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)

Start your new career

Do you want to train to be a secondary or primary school teacher? Then the Ripley SCITT could be your route into teacher training. As a trainee teacher on our SCITT programme you will spend a much greater proportion of time in school than you would on a traditional PGCE programme and the curriculum will be delivered by outstanding teachers working across our partnership schools.

Our highly innovative curriculum is designed and delivered by our schools in order to train the type of teachers that schools want to employ. Our vision is to develop outstanding teaching and learning which is relevant to schools today and therefore linked to enhanced employment prospects. Our trainees are highly valued and well supported at all stages of their training by expert practitioners and outstanding mentors.

We offer courses in a range of secondary subjects and primary.

For more details about the programme and how to apply please visit our dedicated  ITT website.


In 2017, Ofsted inspected Ripley school-centred initial teacher training (SCITT) and rated the SCITT Outstanding in every category

This inspection was carried out by one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors and an Ofsted inspector in accordance with the ‘Initial teacher education inspection handbook’. Inspectors focused on the overall effectiveness of the ITE partnership in securing high-quality outcomes for trainees.
Stage 1 of the inspection took place in May and focussed on current trainees, then Stage 2 took place in September, focussing on those same trainees in their first teaching posts. Over the course of the two-stage inspection, inspectors met with trainees and NQTs; school staff with responsibility for teacher training and NQT induction; headteachers; the SCITT director and administrator; the link tutor; the external moderator; and subject mentors. Inspectors also spoke with pupils and looked at their work.

Inspectors scrutinised a range of documentation, including self-evaluation and improvement planning documents; trainees’ files; information on trainees’ attainment, employment and completion rates. Inspectors took into account 13 responses to Ofsted’s online trainee questionnaire which trainees completed in 2017. In addition, inspectors carried out checks to determine whether the partnership meets all statutory criteria and requirements for initial teacher education (ITE)

The final grades are as follows:

Overall effectiveness

How well does the partnership secure consistently high-quality outcomes for trainees?
Grade 1 – Outstanding

The outcomes for trainees
Grade 1 – Outstanding

The quality of training across the partnership
Grade 1 – Outstanding

The quality of leadership and management across the partnership
Grade 1 – Outstanding