Sixth Form


We require students to

  • Maintain an excellent record of attendance and punctuality to ensure qualification as a full-time student (ref: Sixth Form Attendance and Punctuality Policy).
  • Dress in a smart and professional manner at all times, in line with the Sixth Form Dress Code.
  • Wear the ID badge at all times.
  • Use study time wisely and productively, in order to undertake independent learning and to reinforce the skills and knowledge related to my courses.
  • Meet deadlines set by staff for the purpose of effective continuity in learning.
  • Consider, always, my responsibility to the whole school; to pupils in the main school, to my peers, to the staff and to the wider community (ref: School Behaviour Policy)

Dress Code

Students are asked to make appropriate choices of clothing from the list below. Clothing choices should be modest, respectful and in keeping with the traditional values and ethos of the Ripley St Thomas community.

*The list of items of clothing “not allowed” is by no means an exhaustive list. The school reserves the right to add items to this list at any time if they are deemed to be not in keeping with the values & ethos of the Ripley community.

If you have any questions or are unsure if a particular item is appropriate for school, please speak to Mrs Abell, Mrs Blundell-Roberts or Miss Apsey before purchasing/wearing to sixth form. In cases of financial hardship, please see Mrs Abell.