Sixth Form


We require students to

  • Maintain an excellent record of attendance [95%+] to ensure qualification as a full-time student. Students must register twice a day and for all lessons, including designated study periods. If a student is absent, for any reason, school should be notified on the first day of absence.
  • Maintain a good record of punctuality, registering at school by 8.45am each morning.
  • Adhere to the dress code outlined below.
  • Wear the ID badge at all times.
  • Use study time wisely and productively, to promote independent learning and to reinforce the skills and knowledge gained in lessons. Students are required to spena minimum of eight hours per fortnight  in the Silent Study Room or in the John Crewdson Library.
  • Meet deadlines set by staff for the purpose of effective continuity in learning.
  • Consider always their responsibility to the whole school; to pupils in the lower school; to their peers; to the staff and to the wider community.

Dress Code

Students are required to dress for a professional, working environment.

  • Boys must wear a shirt and tie with smart trousers.
  • Girls must wear a smart top with trousers/skirt or a dress
  • Facial jewellery must not be worn
  • Footwear must be suitable for a smart, working environment
  • If dyeing or highlighting your hair, only natural colours are acceptable.  Extreme haircuts and multi-coloured dyes should be avoided.
  • Faces should not be covered
  • No visible tattoos

The following should be avoided:-

  • Denim
  • Canvas shoes/trainers
  • Leggings worn as trousers
  • Crop tops/revealing tops
  • Tight and very short skirts
  • Hoodies/sweatshirts
  • Shorts

At all times, the School reserves the right to a final decision: students may be sent home to change at the direction of the Head of Sixth Form or Head of Year.

Code of Conduct

Please see the Sixth Form Rewards and Behaviour Policy and the Sixth Form Attendance and Punctuality Policy on the right hand side of this page for full details of our expectations.