Year 11 Ripley+ Award winners

We were absolutely delighted to recognise the application/efforts and commitment to Leadership and Service by 17 Year 11 pupils at Ripley by awarding them the Ripley+ Silver and Gold awards recently.

Refreshments were provided on arrival leading to the presentation of the medals by Mrs Walmsley who was joined by Mrs Garnett, our Chair of Governors. A special surprise was in store for Head Boy Kwame and Head Girl Alaina as they were unaware that they had been awarded Gold medals for Service and Leadership beyond their peers.

Well done to the following pupils:







  • Alaina Guthrie
  • Kwame Otoo








  • Eleanor Blackstone
  • Charlie Bland
  • Jessica Felton
  • Mykolas Giruzis
  • William Haydock
  • Andrew Henderson
  • Oscar Higginson
  • Evie Hobbs
  • Finlay Kiersey
  • Robert Midgley
  • Deborah Smith
  • Anna Thwaytes
  • Olivia Walling
  • Anna Walsh
  • Peggy Woods

The Ripley+ Award recognises those who have demonstrated commitment to developing themselves beyond the requirements of timetabled lessons. To qualify for the award, pupils should have been involved in at least 2 other leadership activities. This means consistent contributions to a team/organisation or taking a lead role in organising an event over a prolonged period. Year 11 Pupils were invited to apply before the end of March 2022. The application included a supporting statement detailing how their leadership experience demonstrated excellent service to school and beyond and which leadership qualities they developed and how they will prepare them for life beyond Ripley.

“My confidence level is now very high. I used to be conscious of the things I was doing because of what people might have said, but I realised that as long as I know I’m doing great things, it doesn’t matter what people think or say.”

“I would say I’m not a born leader but I feel that I have developed the skills and abilities to be able to become a leader.”

“I am now able to confront problems head-on without cowering behind other problems. I now know I can complete the task set in front of me.”

“During my time at Ripley, I have become a leader. I have gained confidence and developed my leadership qualities. These qualities will stay with me for a lifetime and I plan to use them in all aspects of my life.”

“I am willing to try out new things, even though this can push me out of my comfort zone and take me away from what I am used to.”

We wish all our Year 11 leavers good luck for their summer ahead and pending GCSE results in August. We will see many of them return to Sixth Form, but for any leavers moving into further education and apprenticeships/training – good luck, we will miss you!