Year 9

The Year 9 Team

Ms Gornall-White is Progress Leader for Year 9 with Miss Stainsby as Assistant Progress Leader.

As Progress Leaders our aim is to aid the development of pupils by reinforcing aspirations and maturity, encouraging attainment and a level of independence.

It is our pleasure to be able to follow this year group up to Year 9, we will continue to help all students develop and celebrate achievements with them whilst supporting them through any obstacles they may face along the way.

We believe that learners need to feel safe, happy and supported in order to develop and achieve.

One of the key objectives in Year 9 is to support them as they decide which GCSE’s they will be taking and will continue to monitor their attendance, behaviour and attainment in all subject areas. Our aim is to help prepare these students for their futures, I have high expectations for this year group and look forward to watching them achieve success during this year.

Ms Gornall-White, Progress Leader for Year 9