Year 8

The Year 8 Team

Mr Greenacre is Progress Leader for Year 8 with Miss Roberts as Assistant Progress Leader.

We are well aware of the challenges posed to our pupils over the past few years and the impact that the pandemic has presented. We will continue to work with parents and carers to ensure we get the best out of our students so that they can become more independent learners and succeed in Year 8.

There are many co-curricular opportunities within school and we encourage all pupils to take part in these opportunities to aid their continued growth as individuals.

As progress leaders, our aim is to ensure that Year 8 continue their academic, personal and spiritual development here at Ripley. We will celebrate the achievements of pupils both academic and personal and we are proud to do so. We endeavour to ensure that pupils feel happy in school and to offer tailored support and guidance where needed.

Mr Greenacre, Progress Leader for Year 8