Pupils in classroom

Year 10

The Year 10 Team

Mrs Taylor and Mr Burrow are the current Progress Leader and Assistant Progress Leader for Year 10.

We work closely with the class teachers to monitor and support each pupil’s learning, personal development, behaviour and wellbeing.  We encourage them to be involved in the school community and take on new opportunities and challenges to develop themselves as resilient, hardworking, and caring young people.

We are looking forward to seeing every pupil reach their full potential both as an individual and as a valued member of the Ripley Family.

It is a huge privilege to continue to support and guide pupils through year 10 so that they have a fulfilling and well-rounded experience of school life. I work closely with Mr Burrow and a team of form tutors to ensure children have a happy and safe journey through Ripley.

Mrs Taylor, Progress Leader for Year 10