RLI Energy Centre up and running

Recently Mrs Benter accompanied a small group of pupils who had laid foundations stones of the new RLI Energy Centre last year, to a guided tour around the new build by Andy Lamb, Capital Projects Lead at the RLI. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Year 10 pupil Tom A, wrote a letter of thanks to Andy Lamb after the visit:

Dear Mr Lamb

We all had a thoroughly enjoyable morning when you kindly showed us around the new energy centre at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. We found it fascinating seeing the old boilers and now the modern new ones working more efficiently and more environmentally friendly. As one of the pupils at Ripley I can assure you that we really appreciated being shown all the different stages of the build and your clear and concise explanation of what the role was of the main components.

One thing that I was personally impressed by was the installation of a television which could be accessed by the general public prior to any treatment, offering them an insight into the running of the building and its many benefits.

I hope you will continue to offer Ripley Academy an insight into the future developments at the Royal Lancaster infirmary.

Kind Regards

Tom A, Year 10 Ripley Pupil

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust