Ripley cadets high flyers at RAF Woodvale

On the last day of February, this leap year, 8 young Ripley cadets had an amazing day when they jumped at the opportunity to fly in a Grob Tutor plane with an instructor from RAF Woodvale!

” To have the one-to-one experience in an aircraft with a pilot is such a rare and valuable opportunity. I was lucky enough to experience stall turns and loops and be allowed to control the aircraft, carrying out some aerobatics myself, a surreal unforgettable experience.

Being a part of the cadets at Ripley over the past 5 years is hugely important as an A-level student. Having cadets within school allows more time to develop skills that can clearly be transferred to all elements of life and aid employability. The extra qualifications are helping to further my education, enhance my academic profile and demonstrate perseverance.

Cadets, in my opinion, offer something for everyone. Qualities like hard work, determination, independence and teamwork don’t always come naturally and the Ripley cadets teach and guide everyone who wants to achieve these life skills, through their experience.”

Cadet Warrant Officer Eleanor Blackstone, Year 13