Holocaust Memorial Day live testimony from Ruth Posner BEM

On Thursday 26 January, to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, Mrs Hanley and the Ripley Sixth Form History students joined people from across the UK and worldwide to hear the remarkable deeply emotional live testimony of Holocaust survivor, Ruth Posner BEM.

Students and staff were able to ask questions in a live Q and A, reflect collectively on the importance of remembering the Holocaust and consider this year’s theme, Ordinary People. This discussion also supported two of our year 13 students, Toby Horn and Susannah Howarth, in the completion of their Next Steps project for the HET Lessons from Auschwitz programme that they have taken part in.

The theme this year, highlights the ordinary people who let genocide happen, the ordinary people who actively perpetrated genocide, and the ordinary people who were persecuted. It also prompted students to consider how ordinary people, such as ourselves, can perhaps play a bigger part than we might imagine in challenging prejudice today.

Further details can be found here: https://www.het.org.uk/education/outreach-programme/webcast-2023