Diverse EPQs enrich Year 13 study

Year 13 students gave fantastic presentations on their Extended Research Projects to an audience of students, staff and parents.

The presentation marks the final stages of what is a very challenging additional qualification that students can choose to undertake as part of their enrichment programme in the Sixth Form. From selecting a topic of interest to them, to carrying out highly detailed primary and secondary research, writing a 5000 word report, and evaluating and reflecting on their own performance throughout, the EPQ is a great opportunity to develop higher level academic skills whilst promoting independence.

Topics chosen this year were, as usual, varied and fascinating, and included:

  • the causes of, and government response to, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
  • the changing representations of femininity in perfume marketing
  • technological enhancements to everyday life
  • metachrosis (animals’ ability to change colour) and its purpose
  • Margaret Thatcher and Machiavellian politics
  • the impact of misgendering on young trans people
  • the influence of jazz and Brazilian music on the work of composer Darius Milhaud