World Book Day 2021

Thursday 4th March is World Book Day. Ripley English department have busy with pupil writing competitions and sharing #staffshelfies of popular reads on social media. Why not have a go at our #teacherreads quiz?


Welcome to World Book Day

Over the last 2 weeks many Ripley English pupils have been busy participating in the enticing writing competitions below.

We had some amazing entries and the winners are:

KS3 Beano Thomas B – 8Parker, Rachel R – 8Ellis, Leo P –  7Duckworth.

KS4 Beano Josephine M B – 9Fuller, Milo R – 9Newsham, Abigail W – 9Demetriou.

KS4 Dystopia Writing Competition  Victoria M – 11Pearson,  April P – 0Harris,  Shijany A – 9Vedick

Well done everyone! Prizes to come!



Can you guess which teacher is behind their most recent read?… some hold clues in book titles so look carefully🤔

 Answers at the end of the day.  #cluesinthetitle #teacherreads