Key Stage 3

From an erupting volcano to our ever expanding population and the ongoing developments in Lancaster’s infrastructure, Geography can be seen all around us. Our aim is to inspire students at Ripley to develop a love of Geography and recognise its importance in our daily lives. The topics covered aim to encourage pupils to not just think globally or nationally but recognise what is important locally as well.

Geography has a key role to play in helping pupils to become informed and well-rounded global citizens who are confident to question and have a sense of place in the world in which they live. Geography is taught by experienced, enthusiastic subject specialists. It allows pupils to describe, understand and comprehend the ever changing world in which we belong. This involves a study of places, patterns and processes and we look at the physical world and the interaction of humans on their environment.

At KS3, Geography is compulsory for all; it is studied in 3 lesson periods per fortnight. The curriculum builds knowledge and understanding from simple skills and local places in Y7 to complex interrelated global topics and places in Y8. Every pupil is guided through a series of different assessed topics each year to build their skills and knowledge base.

Key Stage 4

At KS4, Geography is an option subject which qualifies for the English Baccalaureate. The GCSE Geography course looks at 6 individual topics, 3 Human and 3 Physical. They are chosen based on their relevance to this area, linking with what was learned in KS3 and what is learned in KS5. This is done through focus on case study locations at national and international level.

Key Stage 5

At KS5, we not only aim to encourage pupils to develop an informed and balanced viewpoint of the world but to provide each student with the skills necessary for the world of work and higher education. Employers will welcome people with the following attributes: good communication skills, ability to work as a team, numeracy and literacy, problem solving, spatial awareness, environmental and social awareness. GEOGRAPHY PROVIDES THEM ALL!

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