Design & Technology


We provide a high-quality design and technology education that should give pupils opportunities to create, innovate, design, make and evaluate a variety of well-crafted products that are fit for purpose. Pupils will be taught the technical skills and craftsmanship to execute practical tasks, thereby developing confidence to increase their skills, knowledge and competence in using materials, machinery, techniques and processes. Pupils should develop valuable practical skills and use these safely with a range of resistant and non-resistant materials, drawing media tools and equipment, in both 2D and 3D. They will be shown how to communicate their ideas and designs skillfully and accurately in 2D and 3D, using a variety of techniques, including digital technology. They should know about good design, everyday products and use correct technical terminology with Design & Technology literacy. They will be allowed to investigate and analyse the rich history of design and technological innovation and the work of others, including iconic designs, to inform their own work. They will be shown developments in design and technology and the responsibilities of designers, including environmental responsibilities. Pupils should clearly enjoy the subject, whilst developing a mastery of the specialist area. They will be guided by a teacher who themselves demonstrates a passion for Design & Technology.

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