Agriculture & Horticulture

Key Stage 3

Our aim is to inform the children as consumers of the future of exactly how their food is produced. We want the children to understand the various production methods involved and enable them to make the choices that are right for them in their lives. We aim to cover all areas of food production whether it be free range, intensive or organic. Developing the necessary skills to do this has a vital role in what we do to. Full use is made of the working farm, its livestock and the Victorian walled Garden to grow plants and vegetables.

The subject is hugely experiential. An absolute mixture of classroom theory backed up by practical lessons depending upon the season and subject involved. By the end of Key Stage 3 all students will have interacted with the farm livestock and small animals as well as having grown vegetables and tomatoes from seed until they are harvested to be taken home All the students are encouraged to participate whether their strength lies in the Indoor or “Outdoor” classroom provided. There are also unmeasurable aspects from group working, therapeutic and health benefits which add to their Ripley experience.

GCSE Overview

The course is a mixture of theory and practical, comprising of two main modules. We teach the following modules:

Management of the Natural Environment. Topics such as soil, habitats and ecosystems, conservation, intensive/extensive farming methods. This is a compulsory module.

One of two option modules: (which are determined by uptake)

  • Commercial Horticulture, Agriculture and Livestock Husbandry. This unit focuses on the production, growth and care of plants and farm animals.
  • Plant Cultivation and Small Animal Care. This unit focuses on plant biology through the growing of plants and the care of non agricultural small animals.

BTEC Level 2 Overview
The animal care course is designed to provide entry and progression into the animal management industries. Throughout the course pupils will learn in a hands on, practical way and get fully involved in the care of animals and the running of the school farm. This course will help learners develop a wide range of skills and experience in the important aspects of animal care and livestock husbandry.

The course will cover 4 units with a predominantly coursework based method of assessment.

  1. Animal Handling
  2. Animal Housing
  3. Principles of Animal Behaviour
  4. Animal Health

Level 3 Animal Management
This BTEC National Extended Certificate offers an engaging programme to support learners who want to pursue a career in an animal-related industry. When taken alongside further Level 3 qualifications, it supports access to a range of higher education courses in the animal management sector. Throughout this course you will gain relevant work experience and develop a thorough knowledge of the animal care industry from practical animal husbandry to animal welfare and ethics.

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