Operation Gratitude underway – can you help?

We would like to invite you to get involved with ‘Operation Gratitude’, Ripley’s service-based project that aims to show our appreciation and support for the Royal Lancaster Infirmary Staff who are working tirelessly to save lives next door.   

We are asking for donations in any form, from food to facemasks, from socks to scented candles. Any donation, large or small will go towards thanking the staff at the RLI for keeping going in the toughest of times.  

 How is it going to work?

  1. Firstly, to discuss your donation or idea, please get in contact with us via email: operationgratitude@ripley.lancs.sch.uk. Let us know what you would like to donate or your idea. Maybe you have surplus stock that you could spare, or perhaps you would be happy to set some items aside.  
  1. Once we have decided on the donation, we can arrange collection/ drop off (socially distanced of course) depending on what is most convenient for yourselves.
  1. Please do consider popping some business cards or a little note of thanks in so the staff at the RLI know where the donations have come from.  
  1. We will then organise the contributions on site at Ripley and deliver them to the hospital.

So far, just 2 weeks in we have had some amazing contributions from local businesses –

Vaga, The Bake Away, Main Course, Tracy Louise Wilkinson (Venus) and last but not least Mr Hardman at BH Nutrition(:)) and all the staff at Ripley who have provided us with some of the brilliant donations below.

Also listen to the interview about Operation Gratitude between Graham Liver, Mrs Walmsley and Mrs Taylor on Radio Lancashire (24.3.21)


Watch this space – more to come!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and supporting a fantastic cause.  

The Operation Gratitude Team