Sixth Form Induction Day

All day Phythian Theatre, Sixth Form Centre

The Induction Day will offer you the opportunity to attend lessons in your chosen Sixth Form subjects. There will also be an introduction to the enrichment programme on offer throughout Years 12 and 13 and opportunities to meet with other students who plan to start their courses in September. You will also receive information regarding GCSE Results Day and Sixth Form enrolment.

If you have applied to Ripley Sixth Form, please read the important letters below from Mr Sim, Head of Sixth Form and Mrs Blundell-Roberts relating to the schedule of the day.

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Sixth Form Induction Day 2022 letter

Year 11 Applicant Newsletter June 2022 PDF

Year 11 Applicant Newsletter

Welcome from Mrs Blundell-Roberts, Head of Year 12

Induction Day is on Tuesday 28 June between 8.40 am – 3.05pm.

We are thrilled to return to a face-to-face induction this year after the disruption caused by Covid over the last two years, and we are really looking forward to meeting you all in person. We hope that this newsletter will help prepare you for Ripley Sixth Form and reassure you that the Sixth Form Team is here and ready to guide you through this exciting journey every step of the way.

We have included some hints and tips which may be helpful in preparing for Year 12 in general, as well as some ideas and information to get you ready to study your chosen subjects. If you have any questions, you can email us on

We look forward to you being part of our amazing Sixth Form.

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Getting ready for your courses

The Bridging Units for each subject will be available from June 28th. The work will support you to make a successful transition from GCSE, giving you a good grounding in each subject and providing a flavour of the type of work you will be studying, allowing you to make a successful start to your sixth form courses.

You will need to bring all completed units to your first lessons.

Preparing for Sixth Form study

Sixth formers need an excellent set of study skills to help you organise and master your own learning. For those of you who might like to explore the types of study skills you’ll need for A Level and BTEC, have a look at the links below.

Tutor2U offers a fantastic free online Transition to Sixth Form course which we highly recommend you complete over the summer. It features short, accessible modules on things like academic skills, time management and reflective learning, as well as focusing on the development of skills such as resilience and leadership.

Additionally, there are lots of useful vlogs on YouTube offering advice and guidance from students who have recently been through the sixth form experience.

Visit Tutor2U

Developing Your Interests Beyond The Curriculum

Now is the perfect time to be exploring and developing your own interests in particular subject areas or career pathways.

Many of our sixth formers complete MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) during their enrichment time as a way of doing just this.

There are lots of online platforms where you can search for MOOCs, but one of the best is FutureLearn. You can sign up for free and enrol on short online courses on everything from Principles of Engineering to A History of Royal Fashion, from Forensic Psychology to An Introduction to Nursing … and pretty much everything in between!

These types of short courses are an excellent way for you to demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for a subject area to universities and employers when you come to make applications a little further down the line. They will also help you to develop the type of independent study skills you need to be a successful sixth form student.

View FutureLearn Courses

Top Tips from our Senior Students

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t understand something, it’s a lot easier to learn it from your teacher rather than a textbook or video.

Take time to develop your skills and experience for CVs and university applications whilst you’re in Year 12. Get involved in sixth form life as much as you can. Mentioning things you’ve done in sixth form like enrichment can be invaluable in future applications.”– Juan

“Keep your files organised and make flashcards for each topic as you study it. Do practice exam questions for every topic as you go along, and try to use your study periods wisely!”– Jack

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Why Ripley Sixth Form?

We are a distinctive and close knit community, and we pride ourselves on guiding all our students to thrive academically and to grow personally.

Not only will you be taught by staff who are passionate about their subjects, but you will have access to our unique, extensive enrichment programme and our bespoke Career Planning Journey, giving you all the tools you need to secure your chosen destination after sixth form.