The aim of the year 7 Scheme of learning is for the students to be able to use a sewing machine safely and with a degree of confidence. They will have the opportunity to work with different decorative techniques in order to produce a cushion cover based on the work of an artist of their choice

They should understand what Textiles and how they are used and have knowledge of the main fibres and how they are produced.

KS4 – Textile Technology

The aim of Textile technology is to provide the students with the opportunity to develop skills in designing and manufacturing. We aim to take into account the student’s own strengths and interests and build on them.

For their controlled assessment the students may choose from any of the 12 projects set by the exam board which will best show their abilities allowing them to gain the maximum amount of marks in their controlled assessment work.

Students will be taught about fibres, fabrics, design and manufacturing through a range of theory lessons and through the practical work.

The lessons will be divided into 1 lesson of theory a fortnight and 4 lessons of practical which reinforces the theory work.

KS5 – Product Design, Textiles

This course aims to provide students with knowledge of fibres, fabrics and their uses. We aim to give the students the opportunity to work with different types of fabrics and components in order to produce a high quality product. The students choose their own project, through discussion with the teacher, which builds on their own interests and strengths and can include fashion, interior design, sportswear or even children’s wear. We aim to provide students with an excellent grounding in the subject that will enable them to go on to study Textiles at University.


Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 4 (Year 10/11) Key Stage 5