Drama at Ripley is taught through a mix of exploration, imagination and enthusiasm! The classroom is established as a safe and supportive learning environment in which pupils use a whole host of explorative strategies such as:

  • Still Images
  • Thought-tracking
  • Role Play
  • Mime
  • Teacher-in-Role
  • Narration Hot seating (to name but a few) in order to build skills, create work, explore stimuli and challenge opinions.

Lessons are a mix of solo and group-work (both large and small) and pupils are encouraged to express themselves, sharing and appraising each other’s work on a regular basis. There is a long tradition of school productions which pupils are encouraged to be a part of, each one tailored for the different key stages.


Through GCSE Drama at Ripley St Thomas, students develop an understanding of different genres and performance styles including the exploration of a range of genre identifiable by common elements. These are characterised by the nature of the subject matter or its form of performance. This may be linked to an historical period or a particular company or group of practitioners. A range of styles can be explored. These may include: abstract, devising, didactic, dramatic irony, hot seating, interviews, mantle of the expert, melodrama, mime, narration, re-enactment, representational, ritual, role on the wall, role reversal, simulations, sound tracking, still image, styles linked to specific playwrights, and thought tracking. Students also develop an understanding of the ways in which performers and designers communicate meaning to an audience through the exploration of drama, and go on to practically cover a range of stage and performance conventions, learning and appropriately using drama terminology. Through the theoretical parts of the GCSE AQA Course, students learn how plays are constructed and realised through the study of at least one substantial play and how to create, interpret and communicate a role or character alongside taking in the social, cultural and historical context, identifying and establishing how this might impact on any performance.


Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4